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The double eagle is an official coin of the United States, first released in 1849. The official price of this coin is of US $ 20. The double eagle should not be confused with the “half-eagle” and “quarter-eagle” terms. The Double Eagle was specifically made with this name  and authorized in 1849. Five years after the double eagle was produced began its commercialization around the world, which continues these days as well.

When the eagle coins first appeared they had the value on US $ 10 piece. The US $ 20 piece was then available and everybody recognized its value as being twice of one eagle and this is how the double eagle coins appeared. The double eagle has on one side the figure of Liberty and the eagle on reverse, as a wish of the famous American president at that time, Theodor Roosevelt. Due to this design a lot of people confuse these coins with the modern Gold Eagles, but there is a noticeable distinction between them. The double eagle coins are often promoted by investors and telemarketers, but they will always ask you more than the market price is, so you would better get informed about the worth of these coinds before purchasing them.

Anyone who I trying to buy an older coin, will be aked about its “grade”. The same thing happen when you want to buy a double coin eagle, due to the fact that they are on the market for a long time. A coin’s  grade is supposed to determine how much was it used. The little the coin was worn, the more it will value, so take a look at the coins you are planning to buy and make sure you ask about their “grade”. It is actually recommended to take an expert with you when you are planning to buy double eagle coin or sell double eagle coin, whether they are new or old, because you can easily pay more for something that worths less if you are not carefull.